Our Anniversary and My “Surprise”

I don’t usually write personal posts, but yesterday was a very special day for me. I celebrated my one year anniversary with my amazing boyfriend. Never in my life have I felt so lucky to be where I am with such a IMG_7984wonderful man by my side. I’ve been in a few completely dysfunctional and destructive relationships, so to be in such a strong, solid relationship now is refreshing. I wake up every day and just adore every second spent with him. Yesterday was such a happy moment for me. Nick surprised me by showing up to my work with roses and my favorite coffee from my favorite coffee shop. We celebrated by grabbing a drink after work at the bar where we had our first date, followed by an extravagant dinner at our favorite restaurant, Gato! We shared two appetizers: a crab risotto and a lamb sausage pizza, followed by our entrees of duck and mussels and linguine. We shared a pear dessert and two bottles of wine (a tad aggressive in hindsight). It was the perfect night. Nick spoils me!

 IMG_7980   After dinner we went back to my apartment. WELLLLL, I come home to my ceiling cracking and a huge leak in my bedroom! My bed was soaked through and all of my bedding and pillows are destroyed. My roommate has a loft space above my bedroom and it looks like a pipe burst in her loft space, so her loft space is a huge puddle right now and it’s creating a crack in my bedroom ceiling. I ended up sleeping at Nick’s place since my bedroom is ruined right now. I took the day off of work so I could be in the apartment when my management company sent someone today to fix this mess. It’s 2:00 and no one is here yet!! I am fuming.

I really don’t know what is going to happen with my apartment. If I’m not blogging much over the next few days, it’s because I am dealing with this issue so I apologize in advance! Hopefully it all gets addressed very soon.

Aside from this “surprise”, it was a very romantic anniversary. I love you, Nick!


Wednesday Weekly Feature: Olivia Palermo

Snow day! I had off from work Monday afternoon and yesterday, so I thought it would be the perfect time to work on a new weekly feature post I want to bring to my blog. I want to take celebrity or style icon looks and feature where you can find each piece of their look for less! My style icons (Olivia Palermo, MKA, Arielle Nachmani to name a few) shape the way I shop, style, and create my looks. It’s easy to be inspired by a celebrity’s look, but not always easy to re-create the look when you’re on a budget. So, I hope my new weekly feature provides inspo for less for all of you!

Who more perfect to kick off the first Wednesday Weekly Feature than my number one style icon, Olivia Palermo?! Here’s one of my favorite looks: sweater, ripped jeans, flats. Casual, yet put-together.


Currently craving…

ONLY Sweater ($17) / H&M Boyfriend Jeans ($37)
Nordstrom Rack ($35) / Rebecca Taylor Scarf ($59)

Want $10 to Shop and Exclusive Discounts?!

I’m spending my day off today cleaning out my closet (this blizzard in New York is keeping me locked inside). There’s something very cathartic about having a day off of work and spending it reorganizing your life. I’ve held on to way too many clothing items and pairs of shoes I just absolutely do not need anymore, and it’s time to clear some space in my life… and my closet.

I wanted to share with you all what I do with old clothes/shoes/bags I don’t use anymore and offer you a little incentive at the end to clean out your closet as well! I use thredUP–a website that sells gently used or even new clothing/shoes/bags/accessories for discounted prices. You simply create an account and order a thredUP bag. A few days later, a thredUP bag will come in your mail and you fill the bag up with any items you want to be sold for you. You can leave your bag at your door for your mail carrier to pick up, or bring it to a local FedEx location (all shipping costs are FREE)! thredUp then receives your bag, takes inventory of your items and decides which items will be sold on their site. They will take pictures of your items and determine a price and then list your items for sale. I’ve sold new items I’ve never worn, as well as gently used items and even a few items will tiny flaws (these will be sold at a reduced price). If your items are below a certain price threshold, you will get a percentage of the listed price immediately for thredUP store credit (which a few days later becomes available to be cashed out if you don’t want to buy anything off of their website). If you’re selling designer items that cost more, you will get paid when your item sells. You can opt for return insurance at an extra cost which means any items thredUP does not accept from you bag will be mailed back to you. If you do not want to purchase this insurance, any items that are not accepted for sale will be donated to charity (I opt for donating–it feels good to give back!)

I love thredUP! It’s such an easy way to sell your old clothing and it’s always nice to have some extra cash in your pocked and donate to charity. Go sign up now and order your first bag to fill with your old things! If you want to shop on thredUP (I’ve bought a few things for amazing low prices) you can click here to receive $10 off your first purchase! Happy cleaning and shopping!

P.S. I recently signed up for Jet– a company that is partnering with the old Hukkster (an internet app that would find lower prices on items you were shopping for) to find you prices on items you want that will be 10-20% lower than any you can find online. Hukkster was AMAZING and saved me a lot of money when shopping online, so I have a good feeling Jet will do the same for me. Jet will bring you bonus savings and free shipping and returns! I received a free 6-month membership just for signing up! ANNDDDDD if you click here you can receive a free 6-month membership, too!! You can always cancel your membership at any time, but I think 6 months of savings is well worth signing up. I love trying new things 🙂 Enjoy!!

My Top 5 Favorite Pairs of Shoes (Right Now)

I am obsessed with shoes–but what girl isn’t? My love for shoes actually didn’t start until around my senior year of college, and since moving to the city it has turned into a full-blown obsession. (My boyfriend can attest to how often DSW packages show up to my apartment.) It’s hard to always see my shoes in my OOTD posts, so I wanted to show you all some pictures of my current (I change my mind all the time) favorite shoes up close. Let me know what you think! What pair of your own shoes are your fave? 1. Kenneth Cole Booties- I blogged about these in my first post (here) and I’m pretty obsessed. They are the perfect heel height and so comfortable to wear all day long. I love their gold accents and they were pretty inexpensive for being such a comfy, versatile bootie. IMG_7964 2. H&M Gold Slip-Ons- I’m pretty sure these shoes were only $25. I was hesitant to buy them at first, but they are so cute and the perfect shoe for a casual look. Comfortable and cheap!IMG_7966 3. IMPO Black Heels- I love these heels for their ankle strap, gold accents, and pointed toes. If you don’t own a pair of pointed-toe black heels, please go get a pair!! IMG_7965 4. Madden Girl Combat Boots- My sister bought me these boots last fall. I’m not super edgy, so I was nervous to see if I could pull these off. I love pairing them with leggings or black pants and they are much easier to pull off than I had imagined. IMG_7967 5. Michael Antonio Heels- These are my newest pair of shoes and I’m IN LOVE. They are two-toned (two different shades of green) pointed-toe heels. I love the heel height and comfort. I was nervous about buying green shoes, but for some reason I needed them in my closet. The green actually has some subtle grey tones, so they work really well as a neutral pair of shoes. I think pairing them with an all-black outfit or black pants with a cream turtleneck would be really cute. IMG_7968 P.S. Did you hear that Piperlime is going out of business?! I am super sad–I absolutely love this extension of GAP. Butttt, I can’t wait for their going-out-of-business sales. I’m already eyeing some pieces that I hope get marked down! I’ve heard that Piperlime will stay in business until April, so look out for (hopefully) some major price reductions in February and March. **UPDATE: Now I’m hearing Piperlime will be closing at the end of February!**