My 5 Picks from the Missguided Dress Sale!!

Missguided is having a 30% off dress sale (with code DRESSITUP)! Time to stock up on some items for Summer–oh and shipping is free over $50! 🙂

Currently craving…


Floral Shift Dress / Maxi Dress
Shift Shirt Dress / Stripe T-Shirt Dress
Suede Dress / Jersey Dress

Outfit of the Day

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend! Sorry for the hiatus in posting–work has been crazy and then I went home to South Jersey with Nick for the holiday weekend. We spent time on the beach, enjoyed lots of beer, and ate delicious seafood. It was a great weekend!

I have some exciting news as well! I was asked to write a guest post for Everyday Facts blog! It is going live today! I will post a link to the post when it goes live. Hope you all enjoy 🙂

Outfit of the Day…

IMG_8338IMG_8339 (1)
White T-Shirt / Dark Jeans / Strappy Sandals

Outfit of the Day

It is 9:20 pm (writing this last night) and I am just now getting over my brunch hangover. I came home around 3 pm and took a wonderful 3 hour nap. Woke up, enjoyed some leftover lasagna my mom brought me this weekend for dinner, and immediately began my nighttime routine: Clarisonic, toner, moisturizer, and my pimple pads (I actually swear by them). I’m chugging water in hopes that my headache goes away before it begins and vowing to wake up tomorrow and continue drinking lemon water throughout the day (something I vow every night and seem to find very difficult to carry through).

This month at work has been nothing short of exhausting–going into the office at 7:30 am and not leaving for another 12 hours. My stress levels have never been so high and it’s wreaking havoc on my face. I need to remember to take time for myself during stressful situations, and take care of my appearance! Exfoliating, drinking water, and oil cleansing. Any other tips for healthy, glowing skin–even when overwhelmed with outside stress?

Outfit of the Day…

Chambray Shirt / Black Maxi Skirt