Parachute x Her Craves

As you all know, Nick and I are moving in together mid-July!! I am so excited–not only to start my life with this man, but to decorate our first home together and make it feel like OUR home. This means designing the living spaces, decorating each room, and buying new furniture and accessories. One of the rooms I am most excited to make our own is the bedroom. The bedroom has always been a sanctuary for me–a place to relax and unwind, so it’s important that this room is cozy and comfortable.

With that said, I am so excited to announce Parachute’s “White Linen Launch”! Parachute is a direct-to-consumer bedding brand in Venice Beach and their new collection launches TODAY (and just in time to start decorating our new bedroom!!). Parachute’s “White Linen Launch” will feature luxury sheet sets, as well as different inserts and separates.

Linen-Shoot-Editorial-06How chic is all-white bedding?!

The bed and bedding really make the bedroom. I think it’s the most important part of the space. It’s the focal point to decorate the space around and the place where you go to decompress and get a wonderful night’s sleep. I couldn’t be more excited about Parachute’s bedding, because it’s the perfect mix of comfort, luxury, and design–all at an affordable price point (collection ranges from $50-$249).

The new collection is available in White and Fog (a light grey). Nick has shot down my dreams of a completely white bedding set (ha, love you Nick!). But, he’s right–it’s not realistic with a cat (and soon a puppy!) who will share a bed with us. So I think Fog is the perfect compromise–a neutral that will hide pet hair and other dirt a lot easier. Plus, I think Fog is the perfect color to add some lightness and freshness to a room–especially in the summer!


The sheets are light and breathable, so it’s seriously the perfect fabric to keep on your bed all year long. I also love that I can mix-and-match pieces from this collection with other pieces on their website. Plus, you can buy the bedding as separates or buy an entire set–whatever it is that you need!

You can head to Parachute’s website to see their new collection TODAY or to shop their other bedding! The BEST part is that Parachute has partnered with Nothing But Nets, which is an organization that aims to provide safe sleep to those in need. Malaria-carrying mosquitos are a huge issue in Africa. Bed nets can help protect children and their families from these insects while they sleep. For every Venice set that is sold (which is available as part of the new White Linen Collection), Parachute has committed to sending one life-saving bed net to a child in need. I love this! Shopping, decorating, and giving back all at the same time 🙂



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